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We've been breeding English Bulldogs since 2008, and all of our pups are raised right here in our home in Colorado.



About Us

My name is Heather, and I am proud to be a local, family breeder of English Bulldogs located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I am a licensed veterinary technician, so all my pups are raised with the utmost care when it comes to their health. I began breeding when I discovered how difficult it was to find our own English Bulldog to bring home. Now, we have 1 to 2 litters per year, and every pup is raised in my home with 6 children and lots of snuggles.


Our English Bulldogs

All of our dogs and puppies are raised right here in our Colorado home. Coming from a veterinary background, we take many steps to make sure that healthy English bulldog puppies are brought into the world. All our dogs will have a full health check by a registered veterinary technician, and our puppies are bred with specific characteristics in mind. Then, each one of our puppies are raised in the house, with our 6 kids, making sure that they are brought up around other dogs and family-lifestyles.

We Breed For


When we breed English Bulldogs, we make sure to breed for a certain temperament that will be ideal for individuals, families, young children, and other pets in the home. We do not breed dogs who display signs of aggression, or dominance towards other animals or children. This pre-assessment is then re-enforced by the way the pups are raised when they are born.


Healthy dogs and puppies are our first priority. We verify that our dogs have good hearts and good lungs before they are bred, and everyone gets basic blood work done to check for healthy kidney function. We also don’t breed dogs that have a collapsed trachea (which is very common for English Bulldogs), as well as snub noses. Finally, all our pups have regular vet checks.



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Interested in one of our puppies? Have questions about our dogs? Feel free to reach out, and we'll get back to you shortly!

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